Are Google Ads Effective? A Case Study

Matthew Hoff

15 May 2020

So, are Google Ads really worth it?

Of course, the answer depends on a number of factors. But in my experience, paid search ads have always been a powerful channel in Function's digital advertising toolbox. 99% of the time, if a new Google Ads campaign is extensively researched and executed thoughtfully, the resulting performance can be quite impactful. 


Like a good cake, there are a lot of ingredients needed to make a successful campaign. If someone just created a brand new Google Ads account, randomly created an ad group, and choose several keywords without a content strategy, then that cake isn't going to taste very good. And the performance will undoubtedly leave you disappointed.

What do you need for Google Ads to be effective?

In order for Google Ads to be worth it, there has to be several things in place, already created or set up on your website or content management system. The most essential aspects are:


  • Analytics software
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Budget allocation
  • Targeted audience groups
  • Optimized landing page for converting
  • Approved copy for the ads



Google Analytics is a free product that provides in-depth reporting on how people use your website. You can use Google Analytics to learn what people do after clicking your ads. You can learn about what customers do on your site after clicking your ad. Use this information to help improve your customers' experience on your website, which in turn can help you increase conversions (like newsletter sign-ups or registrations) and you can calculate the overall return on ad spend (ROAS).




Focus on Metrics that Matter

For example, in a recent Google Ads campaign we did for a client who provides a health and wellness credential for professionals, in the last 30 days we had over 30 conversions, which we garnered at an average cost per acquisition of $33. With a product that sells for $300, we were able to earn a healthy 9x return on ad spent.


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